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Grain bag loader and Bags


As leaders in grain bagging innovation, it’s only natural that we would partner with global leaders in polyethylene film production. We’re committed to providing our customers a wide range of premium grain bags.

Grain Bags


Neeralta grain bags offer many advantages over other products in the field.

Highly advanced material characteristics, competitive pricing and fast shipping from a supplier committed to helping your farming operation be successful.

The scientific formulation and testing of the materials in our grain bags are far beyond that of many standard products available. Neeralta grain bags balance tensile strength with flexibility, are created to resist the most extreme weather conditions, and greatly resist slumping and UV radiation.

Neeralta has grain bags available for pickup or delivery. We are committed to ensuring that you will always have access to the storage bags you need. We strive to keep bags in stock but it is not guaranteed that we have all sizes in stock at all times. We carry 9', 10' and 12' grain bags in a variety of lengths.

Neeralta grain bags

Premium Quality Grain Bags


Grain Bag Specs

Bags per skid








9' x 300'

10' x 250'

10' x 300'

10' x 400'

10 x 500'

12 x 500'


9 mil

9 mil

9 mil

9 mil

9 mil

9 mil


396 lbs.

373 lbs.

446 lbs.

594 lbs.

740 lbs.

913 lbs.

Capacity (per bag)

11,750 bu

11,250 bu

13,500 bu

18,500 bu

23,250 bu

32,000 bu

Grain bag
Grain Bag Specs
Neeralta Grain Handling Equipment

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