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Grain Bag Loader

When you need a fast and flexible grain storage option, nothing matches the versatility of the Neeralta Grain Storage system. The Grain Bag Loader component of this system provides innovations in reliability and ease-of-use that are unequaled by anything else in the field. All of the features and benefits to the Neeralta Grain Bagging System are backed by an equally reliable warranty and service package. Neeralta engineering ensures rugged durability backed by a company that fully stands behind its' products.

Standard features and specs may change. Please call or email for the latest information.

"Our bagger has the swing away auger

and we can quickly unload semis at a central location

or dump the grain cart directly in the bagger in the field."

- Tony Fast,

Fast Ag Montana.

Lustre, MT

Models Bagger

Grain Bagger Models

Neeralta 1024S Grain Bagger


10’ with 24” auger

With it's large hopper and industry leading 24" tube, the Neeralta 1024S grain bagger allows for fast in-field storage directly from the grain cart  or combine.  Power through harvest and leave others in the dust with the Neeralta 1024S model.

1024S Specifications

  • Main tube diameter: 24”

  • Max Bag Size: 10’ x 500’

  • Hopper size: 10’ x 12’

  • Capacity: 50,000 Bu/Hr

  • PTO: 1000 Small

  • PTO HP Required: 125

  • Brakes: Hydraulic Disc



10’ with 20” auger

The Neeralta 1020 Grain Bag Loader is the model that set the bar for ease of use back in 2010.  The optional on-board swing auger is able to unload trucks without having to be towed to the field behind the machine.  In addition, the standard 20" main tube and generous hopper size make the 1020 model an excellent choice for unloading grain carts.

1020 Specifications

  • Main tube diameter: 20”

  • Max Bag Size: 10’ x 500’

  • Hopper size: 8’6” x 10’

  • Capacity: 30,000 Bu/Hr

  • PTO: 540 Direct Drive

  • PTO HP Required: 100

  • Brakes: Hydraulic Disc

  • Transport to work mode: 60 seconds

Available with or without Swing Auger / Conveyor


Neeralta 1024 Grain Bag Loader

10’ with 24” auger

The 1024 model is the perfect blend of the 1020 and the 1024S model.  The Neeralta 1024 has the large hopper and the 24" tube with the length to be able to accommodate the swing auger.  While the swing auger is optional, most 1024's are sold with it since it opens up many options for your farming operation.

1024 Specifications

  • Main tube diameter: 24”

  • Max Bag Size: 10’ x 500’

  • Hopper size: 10’ x 12’

  • Capacity: 50,000 Bu/Hr

  • PTO: 1000 Small

  • PTO HP Required: 125

  • Brakes: Hydraulic Disc

  • Transport to work mode: 60 seconds

Available with or without Swing Auger / Conveyor

Neeralta 1224 Grain Bagger


10’-12’ Variable

The Neeralta 1224 Grain Bag Loader, with it's patented variable-width feature, is designed and built for high-capacity operations and elevators. The large hopper and 24” main tube allow grain carts to empty quickly. With the ability to fill either 10’ or 12’ bags, the 1224 offers the ultimate in performance and flexibility for those that need to fill a high number of 10' or 12' grain bags in a hurry.

1224 Specifications

  • Main tube diameter: 24”

  • Max Bag Size: 10’ or 12’ x 500’

  • Hopper size: 10’ x 12’

  • Capacity: 50,000 Bu/Hr

  • PTO: 1000 Small

  • PTO HP Required: 125

  • Brakes: Hydraulic Disc

  • Transport to work mode: 60 seconds

Available with or without Swing Auger / Conveyor

1224s web.png


12’ with 24” auger

With the same great features as the 1024S, the Neeralta 1224S adds the versatility of being able to fill 10' or 12' grain bags.  The variable width also helps you by being able to narrow down for road transport, making for faster and safer transport times to the field without the need to reconfigure the machine in order to get to work.  For those who want to fill a high number of 10' or 12' grain bags in a hurry, without the need to unload trucks, the Neeralta 1224S is the ultimate in grain bagging performance and flexibility. Want to power through harvest?  The Neeralta 1224S model won't disappoint!

1224S Specifications

  • Main tube diameter: 24”

  • Max Bag Size: 10' or 12’ x 500’

  • Hopper size: 10’ x 12’

  • Capacity: 50,000 Bu/Hr

  • PTO: 1000 Small

  • PTO HP Required: 125

  • Brakes: Hydraulic Disc

Specs bagger


The bag lift cradle is designed as a solid component onto the bag tunnel. No electric or hand crank “tree swing” bag installations here. This smooth hydraulic bag lift brings stability and solid support to the bag installation process.


The hydraulic bag tray makes quick and easy work of getting the bag positioned under the tunnel and onto the Drop Pan. Simply extend the tray, drop the bag on, and the Tray pulls it up and into place.

Grain bagger features

Hydraulic Bag Lift (1)

Hydraulic Bag Tray (2)

Standard Equipment & Features

Features bagger
Grain bag loader features


Once the Bag Lift has the bag in position at the top of the tunnel, the Bag Install Arms guide the side weight of the folded bag outward. These innovative arms use simple leverage and lock into place to hold the bag to the outside of the tunnel, while completing the bag install at the bottom corners of the tunnel.


While the Bag Lift gets the top of the bag into position, the hydraulic Lift Pan allows space for the bottom of the bag. Raise or lower as needed for bag installation.

Bag Install Arms (3)

Hydraulic Lift Pan (4)


By setting higher goals and relentlessly developing new and innovative features, Neeralta has continued to redefine the standards of high-performance grain bagging.

Industry Firsts by Neeralta

“Bagging has made harvest go quicker for us and has allowed us to do more with less help... Thanks for a great product and great support.”

- Henry E.  Nebraska

Swing Auger.png
Telescopic Swing Auger

First Grain Bag Loader to have an on-board, telescopic swing-auger.

500 feet.png
500' Bags

First Grain Bag Loader with the capacity to accommodate grain bags up to 500’ long.

Grain Sample Port

First Grain Bag Loader to have a grain sampler. For quick and easy grain sampling while using

the hopper or swing auger.

Variable tunnel.png
Variable Tunnel Width

First Grain Bag Loader with variable tunnel width for loading bags from 10' - 12' in diameter. Designed and patented by Neeralta, this feature also has the benefit of enabling a 12' grain bagger to be much narrower for transport.


Primary Option

Telescopic Swing Auger

An auger right where you need it at all times. The optional Swing Auger has 9’ of telescopic adjustment range and even 30” during operation. It is also hydraulically adjustable for left / right positioning, this allows for full 3-dimensional control, all from the convenience of an optional remote control. The on-board auger means faster yard-to-field and bag-to-bag setup times.

The movement range of the telescopic swing auger allows you to stay under the truck even if the truck is parked at varying distances from the grain bagger. This system also enables you to keep the auger under the truck while the grain bagger moves forward during filling.

Neeralta grain bag loader swing auger

Swing Auger Options

  • Remote control with on-board wifi

  • Foam-filled tires on radial drive wheels

  • Hopper roller instead of wheels

Grain bagger truck unload

Swing Auger Specifications

  • Main tube diameter: 14"

  • Drive type: Hydraulic

  • Required flow: 22 GPM @ 2,200 PSI

  • Telescopic range: 9’

  • Transport to work mode: Under two minutes

“...the swing auger has allowed us to more effectively use our grain bags and to locate them where we can better protect them from wildlife. We have also found the customer service experience from Neeralta to be exceptional. Our only regret is not switching to Neeralta sooner.” 

- Jason Q.  Borden, SK


Super Duty Duals


Over 20% more floatation than the standard dual wheel setup.

Bagger short-2_edited.png

Manual Grain


Collect grain samples

on the go with

The Sample Bin.


Work Lights

Keep an eye on the situation with the LED work light kit.  Available for the 8'6" x 10' hopper as well as the 10' x 12' hopper.

2022-03-09 11.40_edited.jpg

Hopper Tarp


Keep the weather out and your equipment in great shape with the optional hopper tarp.



Fenders are a great way to protect your investment from rock chips as well as saving time and money having to wash the machine.


Have a few more questions?

Grain Bagger and tractor


“My Neeralta Grain Bagger is an awesome machine. Easy to use and well built. The controls are in a convenient place easy to access. The large loading hopper is great for the Grain Cart and the roll up tarp is great to Keep the rain and snow out of the loading auger. The unloading auger is so smooth operating to unload Trucks easy to use and convenient. I especially like the telescoping Feature incorporated into the unloading auger.”  

- Rick B. Vegreville, AB

“This is my second grain bagger from Neeralta. The bagger works well, and helps save time during harvest. The new features on my second bagger will make bagging easier. Neeralta is great to deal with and they have a farmers need in mind. Wet grain can be stored in bags and extracted after harvest to be dried without spoiling.”  

- Conrad Z. Westlock, AB

Neeralta Grain Handling Equipment

Think outside the bin®

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