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"Neeralta Grain Baggers and Extractors are top of the line."

- Tony Fast, Fast Ag Montana.   Lustre, MT

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Fast Ag Montana

YouTube channel.

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Grain bag loader


The Grain Bag Loader provides innovations in reliability and ease-of-use that are unequalled by anything else in the field.

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Grain bag unloader
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The revolutionary design of the Neeralta Extractor offers an entirely new level of efficiency and simplicity.

Grain Bag Loader

Grain Bag

Grain Bag

We strive to keep 9', 10' and 12' diameter grain bags in stock in a variety of lengths.


Grain Bags


As much value as we can pack into one auger. Leading the way to longevity and reliability.

Transfer Auger

Neeralta Auger Hopper, Cutout.png

The design of the Neeralta Auger Hopper will fit 8", 10", 12" & 13" augers.

Auger Hopper

View of Neeralta from the street


“The bagger and extractor are made heavier than other brands I have seen and the quality of the product and engineering is well done.  The hand-held extractor controls are very handy when unloading bags by yourself and the bag roller on the extractor saves time rolling up the bag while running and I did not have to buy another tool and have another piece of equipment around."

- Jeff B.   Blue Mound, Illinois

“These machines reflect Neeralta’s passion to design and build equipment that is durable and user friendly.  Thank you Neeralta for making harvest so much easier.” 

- David W.   Glendon, Alberta

Neeralta Grain Handling Equipment

Farm Faster®

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