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Nowhere in the Neeralta Grain Bagging system is our commitment to ag plastic recycling more clear than in the management and easy handling of the bags. A neatly baled, recycle-ready grain bag may be the end of the extracting process, but it is just the beginning of our vision of what ag plastic recycling can be...



Neeralta Manufacturing was founded on the pursuit of agricultural efficiencies and reliability. Through innovative thinking and creative engineering, challenges are overcome and solutions are provided that occasionally set entirely new standards in performance, reliability and ease of use. These same pursuits are prevalent in many aspects of the agricultural industry. Maybe none more so than through the development and use of plastics.

Throughout the world, millions of tonnes of produce each year are no longer lost to the ravages of moisture and pests. Fruits and vegetables can now be grown regardless of season. Water and other vital nutrients can be easily channeled and stored using materials that are extremely lightweight and long-lasting. Even bale twine is now twice as strong, abrasion resistant and much lighter and easier to work with. Sisal and jute fibres in twine, gunny and burlap sacks have been replaced by a material more than twice as strong, sterile and hermetically sealed.

Fortunately, the advent of grain bagging has shone an even brighter light on the importance of environmental responsibility in the use of agricultural plastics. It has been approximated by experts that polypropylene bale twine accounts for as much as 45% of agricultural plastic. This happens a few ounces at a time. Grain bags have by their mass, become a significant aspect in the development of agricultural recycling.

At Neeralta we believe that among all the benefits of these advances—the greatest of all—is that this material is recyclable. Grain Bagging does offer the ability to dramatically reduce the environmental impact of grain hauling and provides reprieve from the costly production of large permanent storage facilities (see our article on Grain Bagging here). We believe however, that the foundation of true efficiency lies in the stewardship of agricultural plastics and the health of the environment in which we live and grow.

At Neeralta we know that as agricultural producers, our customers are among the largest of supporters of environmental protection and sustainability. The design of our equipment has always been focused on the efficient handling of grain bags at all stages of the bagging process. The integrated bag winder on our Grain Extractor is an industry first that removes any additional procedures required for fast and easy clean up and recycling. Our sales process matches our customers to recyclers in their area and we continue to advocate responsible bagging.

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Stewardship of Agricultural Plastics

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