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Grain Bag Unloader

The Neeralta Grain Bag Unloader is the solution to unloading and rolling your grain bags.  The patented grain bag roller is integrated directly into the design of the machine.  This industry-first feature, along with the remote control, four-way swivel spout, adjustable auger with extra long and high reach, make this grain bag extractor the leader in the industry.


Are you in the market for a 12' extractor?  No problem here. No need to buy a totally different model that is much larger and heavier at a price point that breaks the bank.  The Neeralta grain bag unloader has a cross-auger extension package that adds the ability to unload 12' grain bags.

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"Loading semis with the extractor is quick and easy

with a remote that keeps you out of the dust,

and the bag roller saves time since there is

no bag to roll up later."

- Tony Fast,Fast Ag Montana.

Lustre, MT

Grain Bag Unloader

Standard features and specs may change. Please call or email for the latest information.

Extractor Models

grain bag unloader

Trailer Model

The Trailer Extractor model has the speed of transport and the flexibility of towing choices in mind. Choose any vehicle with a standard hitch to get the unit to the field at highway speeds. The machine can also be run with low horsepower tractors to save depreciation costs.

grain bag unloader

3 Point Hitch Model

The 3-Point hitch model is an overall shorter machine than the cross-auger-to-hitch length of the trailer model.

This model is very easy to control with the tractor steering if small corrections need to be made during extraction.

Specifications (both models)

  • Main auger diameter: 16”

  • PTO HP Required: 100

  • Capacity: 12,000 Bu/Hr

  • Hydraulic flow: 8 GPM @ 2,200 PSI

  • Bag Baler max bag length: 500+

  • Bag diameter: 9’ – 10‘

  • Bag diameter (extension package): 9’ – 12‘

  • PTO: 540

Models Ext
Spec Ext




Wrap up your business at the end of the bag and know that your

Extractor has wrapped up the mess. The integrated Bag Roller

lifts the bag up high, helping eliminate mud, snow and product

from wrapping up into the roll. This coupled with the innovative

bag-knife which is positioned to cut the bag at the bottom, all

aids in the prevention of bag splitting and tearing along the top

of the bag. The bag is rolled into a tight, recycle- ready bale.

The roller and bale release system are all completely hydraulic

and solo-operator friendly.

Standard Equipment & Features

Integrated Bag Roller/Baler

Neeralta Grain Bag Baler


“The ease of operation is great but the big plus is that when you are done extracting the bag, you are

done with the plastic.”   


   - Murray F.   Ohato, AB

Features Ext


Whether you use a truck or tractor to get your Extractor to location, your Extractor takes it from there. The Hydraulic drive wheels pull the Extractor into the bag. This design allows the operator to use the remote-control to manage the extraction process. With the tractor in neutral, the operator is free to roam and control it all from the palm of the hand.

Hydraulic Drive Wheels

Neeralta Remote Drive
Hydraulic Drive.png


Hydraulically adjustable auger height allows the operator a great deal of freedom during the extraction process. While loading a truck, the operator has the ability to raise or lower the auger to avoid dust or wind-spillage, or create a little extra reach to get the truck further away.

Adjustable Auger Height

Unloader auger up and down


To reach those far hopper corners, or a quick action to correct for truck distance, this feature has it covered. Coupled with the Adjustable Auger height feature, this innovation allows for complete 3-dimensional control of grain flow from the palm of the operators hand—wherever they happen to be.

4-Way Swivel Spout

Neeralta Spout 4 way
Neeralta Extractor Bottom Knife

Bottom knife

Innovative bag knife, positioned to cut the bag at the bottom, aids in the prevention of bag splitting and tearing along the top of the bag.

Neeralta Extractor cross augers

Unrestricted intake

The cross augers pull grain into the paddle chains which easily pick up the grain. All in one nice free flowing motion without any restricting gearboxes in the way.

Neeralta Extractor Hitch

Multiple hitch types

Ring hitch allows quick and easy changing from tractors to trucks without the need for tools.  Whether it is single tongue, double tongue, or a pintle hitch you are ready to go.

Neeralta Remote

Remote control

The advanced features and simple operation of the Neeralta Grain Bag Unloader are at the tip of your fingers with the standard on-board WiFi and wireless remote control.


Advantages of the Neeralta Extractor

Less Labour

One-man operation. Also saves the labour of unrolling grain bags and gathering them later.


The bag stays clean because the grain bag roller is mounted high and therefore sheds all grain, mud and snow.


Tightly rolls a grain bag up to 500'

long into a bale that is truly


Cost Savings

Saves you the cost of a separate grain bag baler.

No Tearing

Hydraulic drive wheels move the Neeralta extractor forward into the

grain bag to prevent ripping.


Control from the comfort of your tractor cab.


By setting higher goals and relentlessly developing new and innovative features, Neeralta has continued to redefine the standards of high-performance grain bagging.

Industry Firsts by Neeralta


"Really like having the bag rolled up in a neat package when finished.  There is significantly

less cleanup at end of bag..."

   - Les D.  D'Arcy, SK

Integrated Bag Baler.png
Integrated Bag Baler

First Grain Bag Unloader with an integrated and patented bag baler for fast and simple clean up and bag recycling.

Extraction Flexibility

First Grain Bag Unloader with the optional ability to extract from 9’, 10’ or 12’ grain bags.

500 feet.png
500' Bags

First Grain Bag Unloader with the ability to roll grain bags up to 500’ long.

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Primary Option

Auger Extension Package

12’ Cross-Auger Extensions: With either model, a convenient option package is available. These Auger Extensions are a very simple and cost-effective way to extend the capacity of your Extractor. Paired with the 10-12’ variable width Neeralta Bagger, and your bases are covered for bag width capability.

Cross auger


Auger Extension Package

One kit and you can do it all: 9', 10' and 12' bags all with the same machine. If you are considering moving to 12' grain bags in the future, the Neeralta extractor has no problem accommodating that.

Cross auger.jpg

1000S PTO Kit

Change the grain bag unloader from 540 PTO to 1000S PTO.


Valve Bank Weather Cover

Keep your hydraulic valve bank protected from the elements with the durable weather cover.


Hydraulic Elevator

Gain direct control over the elevator with  the hydraulic drive option.

Hydro elevetor.jpg

Super Duty Tires

Need more flotation for those wet years?  The super duty tires have over 20% more floatation than the standard tires.


Winder Gearbox Upgrade

Upgrade to the HD winder gearboxes for 25% more strength.

IMG_7311 (2).JPG

Have a few more questions?

Neeralta 12 ft Grain Bagger-1.jpg


We used to have a skid steer and trailer at every bag to clean up when we were done and now the tractor and extractor takes care of everything. The four-way spout and ability to move the auger up and down is great for loading different size trucks. I have used a couple different brands of bagging equipment and the Neeralta makes this job much easier. It is obvious they have put a lot of thought and engineering into their equipment.”

- Shane F.  Scranton, ND

“We have had a great experience working with the machine…  The design of the knife cutting from the bottom works really well… The remote is awesome…” 

- Clint T.  Spirit River, AB

Neeralta Grain Handling Equipment

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