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About Us

In 1984, Neeralta Manufacturing began its operations primarily in fabrication and repair in a strong agricultural community. Strong in engineering, design and fabrication, and with a clear vision of providing better solutions, Neeralta released its first grain bagging equipment in 2008. Setting higher goals and relentlessly incorporating and testing new and innovative features, Neeralta has continued to re-define the standards of high-performance grain bagging.

Ease of use, low maintenance, and minimal downtime continue to define Neeralta's approach to product development.  The Neeralta Grain Bagging System offers the most robust construction and feature set, crafted from reliable parts that are specifically chosen to be readily available.

Neeralta is committed to promoting the responsible use and recycling of agricultural plastics.  Fast and simple handling of the grain bag has been integrated into every aspect of the Neeralta Grain Bagging System.  The bagger makes loading quick and easy with its' hydraulic loading process.  With the unloader, the patented bag baler eliminates plastic cleanup by winding the bag into a recycle-ready bale.  When the bag is done, hydraulically drop the bale, and it's ready to go.  Recycling and bag handling couldn't be easier or more reliable.

Neeralta Grain Storage System

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