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Welcome to our FAQ's

  • Can the Neeralta grain bagger hold a 500' grain bag?
    Yes, machines from 2012 and up have a reduced circumference on the tunnel to accommodate larger grain bags.
  • How much hydraulic flow is required to run the Neeralta grain bagger?
    The various functions on the grain bagger require only about 6 GPM. The hydraulic motor drive on the swing auger requires 22 GPM at 2000 PSI to run properly.
  • Do I pull the grain bag off of the machine from the top or the bottom of the bag?
    The grain bag should be pulled from the inside layer, with the white side out.
  • How many folds do I leave so the extractor can hook up to the bag?
    7 folds should be enough. There should be at least 6’ of bag left beyond the end of the grain pile to allow for closure and hook up to extractor.
  • Can the Neeralta grain bagger be driven with 1000 PTO?
    Baggers built in 2020 and later, with the 24” tube and reducer gearbox are meant to be driven with a 1000 PTO. All other baggers are intended to run with a 540 PTO. The auger should be running at about 450-480 rpm.
  • How high should the lift axle of the grain bagger be set?
    The grain bagger should be set to whatever works for the conditions you are currently in. More slope in the pan angle will improve the feed out function of the bag. Too much slope may cause large portions of the bag to feed out at once, making kinks in the bag which may lead to tearing later.
  • How high should the pan be set?
    The pan should be lowered till it as no less than 2” off the ground in working mode. None of the underside components should be dragging in the dirt or they will negatively affect the performance of the machine.
  • What's the proper way to set brake pressure?
    Proper brake pressure is determined by the stretch of the grain bag and personal preference. The brake system needs adjustment as you fill the grain bag. Brake pressure is not a constant: as the outside air temperature warms, the brake fluid expands and will tighten the brakes. Also, if there is a soft spot in the field or a slight incline or decline, all these factors will require some adjustment to the brakes of the grain bagger.
  • Can I pull it with a ½ ton truck?
    We recommend a ¾ ton or larger truck to pull the unit on the highway.
  • What is the maximum road speed for transport?
    We recommend a maximum speed of 80 Km/h when towing with a truck. (Slow Moving Vehicle sign should be covered if travelling more than 40 Km/h.)
  • How many bushels per hour does the swing auger do?
    The newest swing augers, with the triple augers in the tub, are capable of approx. 10,000 bu/hr.
  • How much travel does the swing auger cylinder allow?
    The swing auger has a telescopic travel distance of +/- 9 feet.
  • What is the total length of the swing auger?
    Swing auger length is 14’ + 6’ for the tub, total of +/- 20 feet.
  • Which PTO speed is required to run the Extractor?
    Up to 2020 the extractors were primarily 1000 PTO with the option to convert to 540 PTO. New direct drive units (2021) are designed exclusively for 540 PTO. This design has fewer moving parts.
  • How much oil flow is required to run the extractor?
    Standard extractor operations require 6-8 GPM. Older units with a hydraulic elevator motor require: 26 GPM @ 2,200 PSI
  • How heavy is the Extractor?
    Trailer model weight: ~7,430 lbs. 3 pt. model weight: ~6,290 lbs.

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