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Welcome to our videos.

Neeralta Grain Bagger Videos.

- Intro / Understanding how grain bagging can help you.

- Site Prep.

- Installing the grain bag.

- Neeralta grain bag loader adjustments.

- Brakes.

- Filling the grain bag.

- Closing the grain bag.

- Maintaining the grain bags.

- Machine feature walk-around video.

Neeralta Grain Bag Unloader Videos.

- Intro / Understanding how grain bagging can help you.

- Hooking up the extractor.

- Tying the bag up.

- Neeralta grain bag unloader adjustments.

- Remote control.

- Directional control.

- End of bag.

- Cleanup / recycling of the grain bag.

- Machine feature walk-around video.

- Troubleshooting: Reprogramming the remote control.

Neeralta Transfer Auger Videos.

- Intro / Understanding how the Neeralta transfer auger is different.

- Mover.

- Power options.

- Changing the bit.

- Auger feature walk-around video.

Grain Bagging Tips & Tricks.

- Pick sites that don't get too soft or muddy, with minimal wildlife.

- Lay the bags so the sun doesn't shine on only one side.

- If possible, raise the end of the bag so water will not get in.

- Just like all grain storage, grain bags should be checked.  Check the grain bags regularly and repair if necessary.

Extractor FAQ

Neeralta Grain Handling Equipment

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